\ (Juuichi)

\ (Juuichi)

Nowadays the time progresses, so is the mind of the people.
The souvenir songs to the home of minds almost forgotten.
gjuuichih is the music unit consisted of Satoru Tsuji manipulating ChapmanStick in his own way, and Reika Torii of Soprano vocal. When you listen to the music created by two people, pictorial images may come up on your mind, which quietly cuddle up to the home in your deep mind.

Based in Kyoto, they make performances at various shrines, temples and Japanese gardens.
Their reputation is high in both Japan and overseas, since their music grabs the minds of many people, who support them.
gCircle of Lighth is their first album released in 2018.
They have successfully made performances at Ryukouji in Enoshima, gHakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum Kyotoh etc...
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